Wednesday, 19 September 2007


A new season and some more posts

The A team had our second match tonight. In the first match we played another club who's name I have forgotten and we won 4-2. I say I've forgotten the name but obviously I remember the names of all the clubs, I just cant remember which one it was. This is partly because I've misplaced my fixture book already but mainly because I cant be bothered to looking it up on the website. Anyway, for reasons known best to them, they turned up with 4 people. I got a draw.

In tonight's match we played Clifton C. After a few years in the league you get to recognise everyone but to this day I still have no idea which teams most people play for. Including some of the Yate players.

Before we started the match, the Clifton captain had an extra player show up and had to adjust the team. He said he was new at the captain thing and did I mind. I think I can speak for the whole team in saying that we're just happy to have someone sitting opposite and if we beat them, well then it gives us a sense of enormous well-being and then we're happy for the rest of the day safe in the knowledge there will always be a bit of our hearts devoted to it.

Sorry, I came over all Blur there.

My opponent asked me if I'd played in the league before. I was shocked. Surely my stunning good looks had been noticed before.

Anyway, Andy H got a draw on board 1, Smiling Boy Woodruff got a draw on board 2, I won on 3, Avi lost on 4 and Graham and Richard lost on 5 and 6 respectively. I cant help thinking Avi may have done better if he'd turned up. I can't help thinking Avi would have turned up if I'd called to remind him. Oops.

I should mention that my game was a bit of a war of attrition. In the end I went a bishop up though a flawed sacrifice. Hint: Its only a sacrifice if you get something for it. In the end, I won because I blew it marginally less than my opponent did as he failed to spot his mate in 2. I did and possibly everyone else did. I may have been a little theatrical at this point...

Time to spread the account and password details about. Maybe someone else will post.


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Yate Chess said...

Smiling Boy Woodruff here...After my rather shakey start in my first match, in which I turned up not only totally knackered but also a tad merry and lost in ultra quick order, I decided to turn up to Clifton a bit more sober...just a I played something akin to the london system for black, not sure if that's actually what I played but who knows at my level, lol. The game went quite well and there were some difficult choices to be made. I felt I made the correct choices most of the time (makes a change for me) and defended against my opponents onslought well enough.
I had a chance to look over the other boards from time to time...That Gardiner chap on board 3 (whomever he is) I thought looked on the ropes at one point, then the next thing I know...he won...Wonders will never cease. It was an enjoyable evenings fooling around and I look forward to my next game;)