Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Its been a little rough over the last few matches trying to get people to show up. For the last couple of games I've only been able to get four people to play. Hopefully things will improve soon.

Last week we played against Horfield. I got a lift with Peter as planned and that's where it may have started to go wrong. Headed along the ring road Peter says "its near Filton right?".

The main problem was that although I could recognise the venue, I couldn't remember whether it was on Whiteladies Road or Gloucester Road. When FIlton was mentioned I assumed that it was Gloucester Road so instead of going down the M32 we took the "quieter" route towards Filton.

There was a lot of traffic around the Filton area. A LOT of traffic. It may have been something to do with the Rovers match that night.

While we were waiting in a big queue of cars, I thought I'd take a look in the fixture books and discovered that it was Whiteladies Road. After a swift detour through the ever narrowing alleyways of Cotham, we arrived in recognisable territory and eventually made it just after 8pm.

Thankfully, the Horfield players allowed us to play our games. As Richard and Avi had arrived on time, or at least in Avi's case, on time-ish, they had assumed that we would have a full team and chose their boards according to their normal positions. I had resigned myself to playing on 1 but I doubt Peter was expecting to play 2. As it happened, Peter played a cracking game and won against an opponent graded a lot higher. Richard also won and even I was having a good game against a much better opponent. Right up until I got stuffed.

Tonight the 'B' team have a re-arranged match against someone.

I shall go and heckle.


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Yate Chess said...

Hello everybody!

This is basically just to prove that Jeremy did (eventually) tell the rest of the club about this blog. I don't think I've ever known quite such an "occasional" webmaster as Jeremy; still it's better than nothing. (discuss)
By the way, I'm Graham, aka The Main Man, or that boring tit who's always hanging around the place, and the reason Yate and Sodbury chess club exists in the first place. The next match is an away match at Grendel next Monday (24th Sept), when we go for our traditional ritual thrashing in the first round of the Minor Knock out. Just one more thing Jeremy forgot to mention (or more likely doesn't know), the B team's first match at Keynsham ended in a 2-2 draw, with wins for Peter McAfee and Mike Bradford on boards 1 and 2, and losses on the other two (boards 3 and 4, rather inevitably) for Oli (that's not like him) and Richard, who tells me he resigned a won position (that's JUST like him!). Oh yes, and one more final final thing, the team whose name Jer couldn't remember was Clevedon C. OK, that's it (for now). As the Webmaster said, feel free to contribute. Cheers all, Graham