Saturday, 29 June 2013

It's the Blitz!

So we, and when I say we I mean Kevin, decided to have an internal blitz competition.

Shall we just say that blitz isn't my forte. I did however manage to get a non-consensual draw which is an achievement in itself in a 5 minute game.

The format was a Swiss tournament, This generally works best when you have a whole load of people in an event. This didn't however phase Kevin in the slightest and he proceeded to arrange the draws for each round. It got a little messy in later rounds but eventually it was worked out. Especially once the draw was wrangled so that Steve wasn't playing three games simultaneously.

After some truly awful playing by all involved, (hint: when you fork the king and the queen, take the king) Pete managed to win on the evening. I think it's fair to include Pete when I say that this surprised everyone.

Although possibly not the bar staff.

Or the ladies darts team.

Well we have a few rounds left of our summer tournament before the proper league season starts so maybe I shall post some more. Or maybe I will wait til 2017....


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Graham said...

Nice to see that Jeremy has posted something on here. A blog (or website) was his idea in the first place, but having started it, he seemed to lose interest. Anyway, a new season is coming and there are things to arrange...

There seems to have been a bloodless coup at Yate chess club. Kevin has taken over (for the summer at least), running the blitz tournament and the summer swiss, and now he's found us somewhere to store our equipment, which means he and I don't have to carry it around in our cars any more! He has also taken over as captain of the A team, and I've been 'relegated' to the B team (I don't regard it as relegation), but we'll both probably end up playing for both...
Andy Penn won the Summer Swiss, which was good work as he is not 'officially' our strongest player. The B team will be in division 3 this season (team of 6, as opposed to the team of 4 in division 4 last season). So, two teams of six and all the fun of the fair to look forward to. I can't wait! Roll on September!!